Never Alone

October 24th, 2010


Genesis 43:1-14

Jacob is forced to let go of the things from which he draws comfort–his children. Simeon is held hostage in Egypt and Joseph wants Benjamin too. Yet, they need food to survive, so they must go back and deal with their trouble. In this “no way out” act of faith, Jacob falls back on the one thing that doesn’t change–we need God’s grace if we are going to make it.

There are often times in life when we have lost control over our circumstances and there is no way to avoid the trouble that is coming. It is in those moments that we fall back on what we believe keeps us safe. Jacob saw that as God. He knew without God’s mercy, they were hopeless.

In the end, God was faithful to Jacob’s family. Their circumstances did not over-ride His promises. We must learn from Jacob. It is safe to head into days of uncertainty because God’s mercy is certain. It doesn’t matter how difficult the decision, or how unsure the outcome. We believe in a God who goes before us to make our path straight and our destination sure. We are never alone.

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