Remember God’s Panorama

October 7th, 2010


Psalm 105:1-11

It is easy to forget. It is easy to get stuck in the moment-by-moment problems of our lives. It is easy to get buried in our to-do lists, unfinished projects, and waiting piles of dishes and laundry.

Faith doesn’t work so well when viewed under a microscope or between the lines of a daily planner. Faith is more of a big-picture event. When we step back and take in the panorama of God’s love and faithfulness, we see “the wonders he has performed, his miracles, and the rulings he has given” (105:5, NLT) that span the years, the generations, and the eons. When we step away from the problems and to-do’s of our lives and step into the world of praise, singing, celebration, and remembering, then we are able to put our roots down deep into His timeless love and gain strength for our minutes and hours and days.

Take some time today to see the big picture of God’s work in our world: from Abraham and Joseph all the way to people in your own church. Step back, and remember God’s panorama, and gain strength from God’s consistent faithfulness.

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