Two Sides of Commitment

September 25th, 2010


Genesis 9:8-17

The radiance of a rainbow following a summer storm still captures the imagination. What a beautiful and visible reminder of God’s love for all of His creation. The rainbow forever remains a visible sign of a covenant relationship between God and all flesh.

A covenant is a unique commitment reflected in a relationship. God has promised all flesh, and all flesh by way of Noah has made a commitment to God. Unfortunately we live in a day and age in which people seem to find commitment difficult, and therefore many have walked away from that relationship with God. Our disposable, fast-food world has taught us that you can take what you want and simply discard that which you don’t. God has promised us that He will always be there for us. The question is, “Will we always be there for Him?” The next time you see a rainbow, remember God is still upholding His end of the bargain! Are you?

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