Almost Right

September 22nd, 2010


Genesis 6:11-22

Have you ever baked a cake and forgotten to add the eggs? It’s almost right. Unfortunately the result is something resembling a giant crumb. Have you ever gone to the airport and waited for your luggage to come off the conveyor belt? There are so many pieces of luggage that look almost like yours. Do you find one that looks close enough like yours and take it home? While most of us wouldn’t want to almost bake a cake or take home a piece of luggage that is almost ours, we seem to be satisfied with almost following God. We know that we ought to make Him first in our lives, and yet, it seems that the things of this world continue to creep in on us. The Lord calls us to mend a relationship. The Lord calls us to spend more time with Him. We almost do it. God fulfilled His promise to Noah and cared for him and his entire family. Why was that? Because “Noah did everything just as God commanded him.”

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