Hidden Sin

September 14th, 2010

Genesis 4:8-16

A mother in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea was missing. The men of her tribe and all those living in the nearby community searched tirelessly for her. A few days later, the search team found the body in a shallow grave. Disappointingly, they also found evidence that the husband had committed the crime.
Sin cannot stay hidden. Sin is like a seed, sprouting daily and taking over our lives. We leave a trace of doubt, a whisper of deceit, and a thread of lies, until finally our actions come together in a loud echoing roar, declaring our guilt. What we thought was hidden becomes apparent to those around us. We have no answer and shrug our shoulder when people ask, “Why have you done this terrible thing?” But when God asks that very same question, we fall on our knees and cry for mercy. We feel His forgiveness, and we no longer want to hide.

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