A Suitable Helper

September 3rd, 2010

Genesis 2:4-25

The first thing found to be “not good” in creation was that the man, Adam, was alone. He had the perfect environment, meaningful employment, a healthy organic diet, and immediate fellowship with the Lord God. What more could he want? There was a loneliness none of these others could fill. God had a solution. A suitable helper was formed from the man: bone for bone, flesh for flesh. When the Lord God made the introduction, Adam burst into song. Adam was the first to be love-struck, but he would not be the last.

There is a difference between loneliness and solitude. Jesus often sought solitude to draw near to His Heavenly Father in prayer. Adam was lonely because there was one thing vital he lacked: one to stand beside him, an equal companion for life’s journey. God made one whom he could love and who would love him in return.

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