Tend the Soil

August 23rd, 2010


A modest house sat on a busy corner lot with a beautiful garden, bearing harvest in the late summer months. One man followed the progress of the garden, watching the process from his car each morning on his way to work. He finally stopped one afternoon when he noticed someone working the soil. After introducing himself, he expressed his admiration for the beautiful garden. Numerous times he commented that God had surely blessed the gardener. After a time, the gardener kindly responded, “Sir, I appreciate your compliments, and the harvest is surely the Lord’s. However, you should have seen this garden when God had it by himself!”

We must remember that the seed is the Word of God, so it is all good seed. However, not all ground is ready to nurture the seed. The preparation of the soil, with continued maintenance, facilitates the perseverance of the seed. The Word is patient and persistent. It will bear fruit in His time.

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