Lost With a GPS

July 20th, 2010


It happened again. I put the directions on my GPS and still got lost. “Why does this continue to happen?” I asked my wife. “This thing just doesn’t work.” She laughed and said, “You zigged when you should have zagged.” The truth is, I didn’t follow the directions exactly.

How often have we been told, “Just follow the directions”? This sounds easy, but it’s not. Especially when we think we know a shortcut or a better route. We have it all figured out, and then we end up on the same dead-end street all over again.
Following directions is a matter of trust. Do we trust the navigating system? Do we trust the person giving us directions? What would it mean to trust God so fully that we follow God’s directions exactly? God’s Positioning System – We’re assured of going the right way.
Trust God where He leads; He’s not broken.

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