Love Always Wins

July 16th, 2010


Numerous times Jesus connects His followers’ obedience to His commands as a sign of their genuine love for Him. Only hours before His arrest and crucifixion, Christ proclaims a valuable truth that He longed to stamp on the heart of every disciple.

As parents, we know that our children obey us for different reasons. Sometimes, children obey us to get something that they want and, at other times, due to the fear of being punished. Without question, every parent longs for and holds dear those times when children obey for no other reason than their love and respect for the parent.

“Why do I obey Jesus?” Because I am looking forward to my eternal reward? Could it be I am afraid of God’s wrath? The best possible answer is that I comply with Christ’s wishes simply because I love Him. Obeying Christ out of a heart of love brings peace, fulfillment, and victory.

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