When God Is Near

July 12th, 2010


When a strong-willed child assumes the posture of defiance, a parent’s pressure to give in can become overwhelming. An exasperated young mother was determined to have the last word in a confrontation with her stubborn seven-year-old. After an especially trying day, she finally crossed her arms and shouted, “All right, Justin, do whatever you want! Now let me see you disobey THAT!”

After 40 years of combating arguments, grumbling, disobedience, and defiance, Moses was more determined than ever that the children of wilderness would embrace God’s promise. To say that he deserved a rest after running an adult day care for four decades is an understatement!

Charged with the responsibility to prepare God’s rebellious children for the crossing, he focused on the God who was near. “God is near.” How we love to hear, read, whisper, and embrace these three words.

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