The Promise of His Presence

July 9th, 2010


Unexpected and unannounced guests were a regular occurrence at my childhood home.

One impromptu evening gathering caught my mother with no snacks to offer her guests. A quick whisper in my father’s ear, and he and I slipped out the back door.

While mom put on the coffee, Dad and I were commissioned to retrieve some goodies from the village doughnut shop. A two-block walk took us through a dark alley.

Beyond the safety of our backyard and into the alley, without a word, my father reached down and took my hand. As if someone turned on the streetlights, fear and anxiety immediately vanished. My father’s hand made all the difference. Decades later, the comfort of that moment still invokes a sense of courage and confidence.
Joshua’s mission was staggering. Dangers lurked behind every rock. Accomplishing the task alone was impossible, but he was at peace and confident. Five little words made all the difference. “I will be with you.”

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One Response to “The Promise of His Presence”

  1. Joe Strikestheheart Says:

    July 9th, 2010 at 10:10 am

    Ive read these for a while since 1995 when I gave my self to the Lord,ask him into my life,it would’ve been real hard on my own,He’s still here with me every day,Thank You and the staff for doin what God needs of all,God Bless

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