Sweet Fragrance

June 10th, 2010


Fourteen pots of chili at the annual chili cook-off spread a mouth-watering aroma everywhere. On the other hand, the odor of two just-cracked eggs left on the kitchen counter two days was awful.

In each case, the odor produced was based on what happened at a deeper level. For those of us who by God are triumphantly following Christ, “through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him”. The fragrance is to both God and people because at deep heart level, we have yielded all to Christ and His mission to tell others.

It’s now 11 days since Eric and Jennifer accepted Christ. Jennifer announced her amazement: “For years, I’d been deceived to think you couldn’t share your faith. It was only a private matter. I’ve been telling people at work all week what the Lord has done for us, and nobody’s gotten mad.”

There’s a sweet fragrance in Eric and Jennifer’s lives. What kind of fragrance are you leaving?

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