Another Pentecost

May 20th, 2010


Some say that the Book of Acts, as in “The Acts of the Apostles”, is misnamed; it should be “The Acts of the Holy Spirit.”

The Spirit is named more than 60 times, and His activity is at the heart of Luke’s narrative. Dramatic evidences of the Spirit’s presence and empowering were needed to activate and energize the Church’s gospel proclamation. First there was the Day of Pentecost, when the Spirit fell on waiting believers and inspired the conversion of 3,000 Jewish pilgrims. Then, the Holy Spirit came upon the Gentiles who heard Peter’s sermon at Cornelius’s house. Now, in Ephesus, after baptism and upon the laying on of hands, the Holy Spirit again evidences himself in unmistakable ways. Each occasion was unique; there is no “formula,” only obedience and faith.

The Holy Spirit still comes on those willing to receive Him in obedience and faith. The circumstances of His filling may differ from place to place and person to person, but His presence is just as real as it was to these dozen Ephesians.

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