From Good To Best

May 18th, 2010


Phil had played marvelously on soloist’s night at music camp. Everyone marveled at the skill of this teenager. Yet after the recital, Phil and his tutor addressed the minor flaws that were beyond the notice of most hearers. The solo had been played well, but the desire was to make it perfect.

Apollos had “a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures”. But more was needed. Priscilla and Aquila “explained to him the way of God more accurately”. The baptism of repentance needed to become baptism into Christ, reflecting faith in His atoning grace. Knowledge of Jesus needed to become knowledge of the presence, power, and work of the Holy Spirit.

Just as Apollos and the Ephesian believers needed to move from an elementary understanding of their faith, there are many believers in the Church today who need to understand the way of God “more accurately.” Praise God for modern Priscillas and Aquilas who take on the task of explaining the way of God to those who need to move from good to best.

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