Sons Or Slaves

May 16th, 2010


Bob is blessed with four sons and one daughter. He is proud of all of them. He loves being with them. They get together at the slightest opportunity. When not together, they talk on the phone.

In fact, Bob recently talked with my son Brent. Bob was able to do something that he believes will bring joy to his life, and he was glad to let him know about it. It seems like often, happy fathers have happy children.

The best news we can receive is that which Paul gives us in Galatians 4:7. We are God’s children. He doesn’t own us as though we are slaves. He considers us to be part of His family! This is not something we must wait to obtain. Scripture strongly teaches us that we can choose to be God’s children here and now.

How awesome it is to be God’s children! He wants us to enjoy life now and to have a future in His presence. Slaves are often mistreated and abused. Children of a loving father are always treated with warm, tender love. I’m so glad God is our loving Father.

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