Clothed With The Spirit

November 3rd, 2022

Judges 6:30-40

The enemies of Israel band together creating a threatening force. God’s response is to clothe Gideon with the Spirit of the Lord. God will make good on the promise to be with Gideon, making him a mighty warrior.

The coming of the Lord’s Spirit upon Gideon doesn’t override his consciousness. The Spirit’s power doesn’t banish Gideon’s hesitation, make him consistently obedient, or even reassure him beyond doubt. The Spirit is with him, but he needs a wet wool fleece in the morning as proof. When Gideon gets the sign he asks for, he reverses the sign and asks for reassurance again. Patiently, God keeps assuring, giving Gideon proof of God’s presence.

The Spirit doesn’t override Gideon, but empowers him to act. Still Gideon must act in trust. With the fleece signs added to the Spirit coming upon him, Gideon is ready for battle that God might make him a mighty warrior. The Spirit of the Lord certainly empowers us, but still we must choose to proceed with obedient trust.

Author: Christa Klosterman

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