Answers to Distress

March 29th, 2022



Psalm 31:9-13

Almost paralyzed. As I reflected on that season of my life, those two words captured a lot. I pressed on regardless. If I had taken the time to get really honest, I would have joined the Psalm writer in the words of chapter 31, verse nine. I found myself in distress after a life-altering event. I didn’t have words to describe what I was feeling, but it affected my soul and my body with grief that seemed to linger far too long.

Eyes are often a window into the depths of our life. People can tell a lot about us by looking into our eyes. In the season of COVID, the eyes are about all we have to distinguish people. Even with the rest of the face hidden behind a mask, the eyes betray us.

The Psalm writer cried out to God in the midst of his distress. We have much to learn from him. As you read the rest of Psalm 31, can you identify? Jesus could. In the midst of His passion, these words could have been His.

If they are yours, cry out to the one who understands distress and knows how to put it in its place.

Author: Jeremy Selvidge

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