Jesus Redeems Everything

August 22nd, 2021

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John 1:9-18

There was a time in church history when there was a big debate about how Jesus was both fully human and fully God at the same time. This just did not make sense! Many gathered to argue their points on how this could be possible. Some said that Jesus was not fully human, but just a projection of a human. Others said that Jesus had the body of a human, but the mind of God. Still others argued, drawing from this passage in John, that, though we cannot fully explain the intricacies of it, Jesus is both fully human and fully God at the same time.

There is something hugely significant in the fact that Jesus came to earth in the form of a human. If Jesus just needed to spread a verbal message, why not wait for the internet to be invented? Because what Jesus did for all of us was way more than share a verbal message of good news. Jesus came to this earth in human form to redeem all aspects of human life from birth, life, death, and resurrection. That is the good news!

Author: Cara Shonamon

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