Stand Strong and Hold Fast

July 1st, 2021

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2 Thessalonians 2:9-17

What are you doing with your hands and feet right now?

Paul’s charge to his readers calls them to be attentive to and active with their hands and feet. He tells them to stand firm and hold fast.

This is not a passive image: it is powerful and fully engaged. This is an image of someone who is battling against something and for something. They know the teachings of and about Jesus handed down by Paul, and they refuse to let them go. They have put down deep roots and this truth is the solid foundation upon which they stand.

This reminds us that being a disciple of Jesus requires us to be unwavering. We are to be steady and resolute, not easily swayed.  We need to be knowledgeable about the life and teaching of Jesus and live our lives devoted to Him. Our attitudes, actions, desires, and character should be submitted to His lordship and shaped by His likeness. The good news here is that the Lord himself will strengthen and encourage us in every good word and deed!

Author: Tim Britton

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