Test Of Our Conscience

March 15th, 2021

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Romans 2:1-8

People who do not know any moral code such as the Ten Commandments can still identify right from wrong by the assessments that they make of other’s behaviors. If they look at someone stealing from another person and draw the conclusion that they should not have done that, then they have a code within themselves which teaches them that is wrong.

Scripture says that they will be held to the standard of their conscience. Conscience is the basis for the judgment of truth when you have no outside or objective locus. The development of a Christian conscience is a very important part of our discipleship and growth in maturity. We should continually analyze our conscience because it could become seared (1 Timothy 4:2).

Our personal decisions, our moral actions, and our ethical discernment should be able to pass the test of our conscience. A conscience can be trained to be godly (1 Timothy 1:5). Parents, the church, mentors, and teachers can help to shape it for good. It should be noted that adolescence is an especially key time when it can be formed by the choices made, especially when those are guided within a faith community.

Author: Clark Armstrong


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