Is It All Talk?

January 20th, 2020

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Amos 2:1-8

God sent Amos, a shepherd from Southern Judah, to the town of Bethel in Northern Israel. Amos was to announce God’s warning to the people about their sins and God’s coming judgment.

Israel was faithfully attending religious gatherings and giving offerings and sacrifices. God hated their worship because it was totally disconnected from how they treated people. They were religious people but not moral people.

The material wealth and political power they enjoyed was being interrupted as divine blessings—God’s approval of their lives. In their eyes, as long as they went through the proper religious motions God approved of their actions. They were God’s chosen people after all.

Religious rituals are rejected by God if they aren’t accompanied by a moral lifestyle. A real relationship with God transforms a person’s relationships. In simple terms, “does our walk match our talk?”

If our relationship with God doesn’t change our actions then do we really have a relationship at all?

Author: Patty Craft

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