Who Do You Look Like?

July 7th, 2019

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1 Peter 1:13-25

When I was little I wanted to be Superman. I would pretend that I could fly when I put on my cape (blanket) and ran around the house. I also wanted to be Spider-Man. I would pretend to shoot webs from my wrist as I would dream about swinging across our church sanctuary while the pastor preached.

When we are growing up we often look to someone we want to be like. We look up to that person for guidance on how to live. I wonder if losing this quality is actually a bad thing for us as adults. Do we lose the ability to emulate? In order to emulate someone you have to study them and know them. Throughout the narrative of Scripture we are encouraged to be holy as God is holy—to emulate the character of God.

What does the holiness of God look like? The author of 1 Peter 1 says, “Be set apart to do good works, because God is set apart from the ways of this world.”

Are you willing to chase God with the faith of a child and emulate the ways of the Father?

Author: Michael Downs


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