One Body, Many Gifts

May 2nd, 2019

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Romans 12:1-8

In Christ, we are one body and each part of that body is equipped to do different things well. We each have a special job to do. It’s tempting to allow others to do all the work, even work they may not be gifted to do. When your right knee works harder because of an injury to the left knee, it eventually becomes inefficient.

Each person must do his or her job so that the body functions well, otherwise like that knee, we see people wear out. There is a statistic that says, 20% of the people do 90% of the work in the Church. This is not how God designed the Church to function.

This statistic also points to the other extreme: we think we are the best at every job and don’t allow others the opportunity to work. Both extremes require us to examine our giftedness and work in partnership with the rest of the Body, so that we function as one in Jesus. What is your gift? Where can you pick up some slack? What job can you give to someone who is gifted and looking for work? Let us work together as one.

Author: Amy Scarlett


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