Where Are Your Boundaries?

February 12th, 2019

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Luke 16:16-31

Having a toddler in the house means there is a lot of learning about boundaries. You have to set limits for safety and conduct. No you may not touch the stove; yes use your manner words. Children may have heard your statements outlining the boundaries, but that doesn’t mean they won’t push back or even simply ignore them.

The rich man, an Israelite, would have heard the boundaries set. He was aware of what the commandments were and had heard the prophets’ messages read. How he chose to live, however, was pushing those boundaries by simply ignoring them. He threw lavish parties and lived to enjoy himself. All the while, Lazarus sat outside the rich man’s spacious home, begging for even the bits of leftover food from the parties.

When the rich man died, he came to know the limit of the boundaries set in place by God: suffering. When Abraham would not easy his torment, the rich man begged: please warn my brothers. Tell them about the boundaries and the consequences.

Are you living within the boundaries God set for a healthy, godly life?

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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