Faithful Unto Death

February 3rd, 2019

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Philippians 1:15-30

Paul knows that his time with the Philippians has been cut short because he has been placed in prison. He has heard of those who preach for reason of the Gospel and for personal gain. Paul’s life may also be cut short, so he is just pleased to know the Gospel is still being preached; however, his own motivations for the Gospel are made clear. He desires that Christ would be glorified whether Paul lives or dies.

Since his conversion, Paul’s life has been dedicated to the Gospel of Christ. Now that his death may be imminent he hopes that the Church will share in his conviction and conduct themselves with the same passion for the Gospel.

When Paul implores “whatever happens, conduct yourselves . . . worthy of the gospel of Christ” he does so asking them to remain faithful in the face of his own persecution, but also to follow his example if the Church should face the same persecution. The Christian life is given by God and then given back to God in service to Christ who died so that the Christian life might share in eternity.

Author: Timothy George


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