Accept One Another

December 14th, 2018

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Romans 15:1-13

When Paul wrote to the church at Rome he was addressing the challenges they were experiencing because of different groups in the church. Many of our churches are a mixture of demographic markers: age, ethnicity, education, social status. Paul describes how Jesus came as a servant, not to please himself. His followers are called to the same, to accept one another and to build each other up. The mercy we offer to fellow worshippers who are weak is a good indication of our servant status. It is not easy to exist together when we have so many differences, but God encourages us and teaches us to endure the challenge before us.

Advent is a season that invites disparate groups to come together as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ “with one mind and one voice.” Let us be servants to one another as Christ came to serve. Let us put aside our differences and focus on those things we have in common. Let us remember that the “Root of Jesse” is our hope and will fill us with joy and peace.

Author: Vicki Copp


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