Time to Decide

November 20th, 2018



Joshua 24:11-22

The human heart is a complex system of unique muscles, valves, nerves, and blood vessels. It operates by a precise series of electrical impulses, which cause muscles to contract and valves to open and shut, sending life-giving blood throughout the body. Doctors know that when any part of the heart ceases to function properly, the entire body is at risk.

Joshua wanted to make sure the spiritual hearts of the people were functioning properly. Did they truly desire to serve the Lord with everything they possessed? Would they put God’s plan at risk with their disobedience? Joshua was asking the question, “Where is your heart? Whom will you serve?” He knew beyond a doubt that his own heart was totally surrendered to God and His service, no matter the circumstances.

How about you? Is it time to check your heart? Is it completely surrendered to its Creator? Or is your heart divided by other distractions? Choose whom you will serve.

Author: Mary Egidio


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