November 1st, 2018



Deuteronomy 30:1-10

As Christians, it is no secret that we are not spared from the hurts and misfortune that we sometimes must deal with in life. Sometimes this is because of our own careless decisions and sometimes this happens because of external conditions totally out of our control. We deal with this in many ways, but one of the most prevalent is to find a way to spiritualize giving up on our lives in hopes of heaven. Now of course, heaven will be wonderful and there is certainly nothing wrong with acknowledging such. The problem is when this comes from a place which deems our lives on this side of eternity, hopeless.

God’s offer of life to God’s people has never simply been about going to heaven. God offers a purpose for all life, including and especially, the time we have here on planet Earth. God’s creation, though marred by sin, is still quite good. From the beauty of creation to the Church of Jesus Christ, the Lord continues to give us much to find hope in. Let us then be thankful for both the promise of heaven and the time we have here to love God and neighbor. Let us make the most of the life which God has promised.

Author: Cameron Pence

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