Celebrating Victories

October 24th, 2018

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Deuteronomy 16:13-22

I have friends who not only celebrate and make a big deal out of their birthdays but also out of the week leading up to their birthdays. For them, their birthday weeks should be filled with various forms of celebration culminating with the actual day of their birth. I used to think this was the silliest thing. It makes sense that I would feel this way. Culturally, celebrations are generally very brief. The biggest celebration lasts a day, at the most. A week long celebration is almost unheard of. The idea of celebrating together can turn into something that only happens every once in a great while. But should it be?

Some of this way of thinking comes from the fact that celebrations themselves are not nearly as prevalent. The Church struggles at times with sharing our burdens but we can also struggle just as much with celebrating our victories together. It should not be like this for God’s people. We are reminded here not only that we should celebrate together (and often) but that we have something big to celebrate.

Author: Cameron Pence


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