Lord of All

October 11th, 2018

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Leviticus 19:11-25

In ancient Israel, there was no division between the sacred and the secular. “In the major and minor decisions of life, Israel was constantly reminded that she was different; that she was holy, set apart for God’s service.”* Some of the decrees in Leviticus 19 make perfect sense to us. Others require a little more study to understand. But we are wise to understand that being God’s holy people means that our entire life comes under the Lordship of Christ. There are no “Sunday Christians,” and there are no parts of our life where we still maintain control. It all belongs to Him.

Is this true of your life? Is the Lord truly Lord over all of your finances? Does seeking to please God affect how you manage your time and inform your entertainment choices? When a crisis arises, does your response flow from a loving, trusting heart that knows that God is in control? There is no part of your life that in which God does not desire for His Lordship to be evident. Take some time to search your heart and examine if this is true for you.

Author: Joel Parsons


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