Jesus Knows Us; We Know Jesus

September 28th, 2018

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Luke 24:36-45

In a job interview, an applicant talked about the importance of building relationships, explaining that regardless of size of the team or class, good teachers and leaders should know at least a little about each person. They should know how each person learns best. This can help the teacher or leader determine how to promote the success of the class or team members.

Like those good teachers and leaders, Jesus knows his disciples and he knows what they need. Moreover, he has made himself known to them. After his resurrection, he knows they are frightened, heartbroken, and in need of reassurance. Rather than merely saying, “Do not be afraid,” Jesus goes one step farther by presenting physical proof that he is their teacher and leader in the flesh. He asks them to touch him where they know he had been injured as if to say, “You know me! You know what I went through. I am neither an imposter nor a ghost.”

We can follow Jesus’ example and develop this same sense of belonging in others if we take the time to know people well—and to be willing to be known in return.

Author: Amy Rice


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