Obey the Law

September 25th, 2018

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Exodus 20:18-26

People petting a house cat may notice that the cat will occasionally extend its claws out just a little. The cat does not intend to scratch the person; it is more that the cat is reminding the person it will use the claws at any time.

The Israelites in Exodus 20 have just experienced the power of God. In a similar manner to a cat extending its claws, lightning, smoke, and tremendous noise demonstrate the sheer power God possesses and can use at any time. The Israelites seem accustomed to a leader who rules by fear—like the Pharaoh—so sometimes they listen better when God demonstrates power. God graciously obliges their need for a powerful, even frightening, leader.

When the fear seems to be too much for the people to handle, Moses reassures the people that this demonstration of power is for one purpose: to motivate them to follow God’s laws. God wrote the law for their benefit, to foster right relationship with God and with others.

Author: Amy Rice


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