The Lord Is Compassionate

September 1st, 2018

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Psalm 145:1-9
Growing up I had a dog named Sandy. Every time Sandy would do something she was not supposed to, she would run and hide behind the couch with her head hung in shame. She was so afraid of the consequences of her actions that she had forgotten our relationship. We had always loved her and responded in love, yet she was afraid.

A lot of times we are like Sandy. We mess up. We sin and are afraid that this is going to be the thing that finally causes God to disown us. So, we hide. We ignore spending time with God. We allow our shame and guilt to separate us from our heavenly Father.

The key verse for today reminds us that we serve a gracious and compassionate God. Too often we forget this. We return to that moment in the garden and hide in the bushes. We must remember that while God does judge; he does it out of love. Let us return to the arms of our heavenly Father and trust in his compassion and love for us.

Author: Stephanie Malcom


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