The Struggle of Obedience

August 9th, 2018

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Jeremiah 43:1-13

Obedience to God should come with blessing, right? I’ve had conversation with friends who wondered why life isn’t any easier because of their obedience. I am reminded of the time when Jesus sent his disciples across the lake after having fed five thousand people. They didn’t want to go as suggested by Matthew as he writes that Jesus “made” them go (14:22). Nevertheless they went, battling a storm and likely wondering why their obedience was rewarded by this measure of suffering. The Gospels tell us that Jesus had seen them in the evening and finally went out to them during the fourth watch.

What was Jesus doing? I choose to believe that he was on that hill praying for their strength to endure the storm. I choose to believe that he was lifting them up to his heavenly father with pride since they were fighting so hard in their obedience. God doesn’t promise that obedience will be without suffering. The answer to my initial question is yes, obedience does come with blessing but blessing does not negate suffering.

Author: Mike Rhodabarger


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