Don’t Flow Like Water

August 6th, 2018

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Jeremiah 36:1-10

There is a book called Do Hard Things that challenges its readers to avoid the easy way of doing life. I haven’t read it so please don’t take this as a recommendation. I do, however, like the title; it’s challenging and thought provoking. It suggests that there is a temptation to live like water flows- taking the path of least resistance.

Think about Jeremiah 36 and what was going on in the story. Jeremiah could not attend to the Temple reading so he sent Baruch to read some very difficult words to the people. Baruch had two choices: do it or don’t. Imagine what he may have been thinking. What would the people think of the messenger? What would they do to the messenger?

When we are sanctified for Christ, we become available for his service regardless of the level of difficulty in the task. We trust him for the details and the outcome. When we partner in God’s Kingdom work we enter that partnership with a full understanding that things won’t always be easy but it will be rewarding. So, partner with Christ and do hard things it will be worth it all.

Author: Mike Rhodabarger


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