Necessity of the Valley

July 30th, 2018

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Jeremiah 32:1-15

Oftentimes we feel the most hopeful when there are no storms surrounding us. Storms have a tendency to cloud the reality of hope but let’s not assume that storms are a bad thing. On the contrary, I believe that some tribulations in life are part of God’s plan to teach his people greater dependency on Him.

The problem, therefore, isn’t necessarily the storm. Maybe the real problem is that we are fearful of what we may lose as a result of the storm.

In Jeremiah 32, Jeremiah is in prison for declaring the Word of God: a prophecy that would negatively affect both him and the kingdom in which he lived. Hope seemed lost! However, God is the God of restoration.

If you are anything like me, you would rather not suffer losses. But God uses the tragedies of our lives to prove His faithfulness to us. The valley makes the mountaintop much more precious. I’m grateful for blessings, but I’m fortified by hope—hope that emerged from my last worst tragedy.

Author: Mike Rhodabarger

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