God Is Merciful

July 5th, 2018

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Romans 9:14-24

Grappling with complex theological questions, Dr. Rob Staples informed students, often requires placing them back on the shelf of ‘suspended judgment’ for later re-examination. He did not suggest that we throw up our hands and conclude that the mysteries of God are impossible to comprehend with finite minds. Yet, we should not expect that God’s ways are our ways, nor should we lend ourselves to complaints toward God because of what we surmise about His dealings. God welcomes honest questions.

Vessels labeled as “special” and “common” connote a difference of importance, yet they are equal in value because they both function to fulfill God’s purpose.

I had a young client whose visual disorder effected his ability to read; he processed only one letter at a time rather than whole words. Imagine trying to examine the constellations in the sky by looking through a microscope. To appreciate God’s mercy throughout history, step back and see the riches of His glory through the objects of His mercy.

Author: William Coker Jr.

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