Churchgoer: Purify Yourself

June 16th, 2018

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2 Corinthians 6:14—7:1

How clean is your food? If we do a little research, we will discover that the food we buy from the store is pure . . . mostly. However, harvesting, processing, and transporting the food gives opportunity for various types of contamination.

But how much is too much? One author explained that 100 grams of fig paste (the filling in my favorite cookies!) is permitted to have up to 13 insect heads. Yuck! Are you kidding me?

My stomach churns to think about such small levels of contamination in my food. But I am strangely okay with “small” levels of contamination in my heart. How much bitterness is alright for a Christ-follower? How much greed, jealousy, or pornography? How much of an unforgiving spirit is okay in God’s sight?

God desires us to be pure and holy, and he provides the means for that purification. What is it in your life that needs the purifying presence of God today?

Author: Caleb Reynolds


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