Waiting Requires Patience

May 9th, 2018

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John 2:1-12

My children love to visit their grandparents. The last several years we have lived the closest we have ever been to one set of grandparents: a mere 4 hours. And yet, for the two elementary-aged boys, it might as well be 40 hours. Not 30 minutes into a trip and the dreaded, “how much longer” question will be heard.

I am sure this lack of patience is not found only in children. How often have we asked, “are we there yet?” When was the last time you became frustrated waiting at a stoplight?

Mary remembered what the angel told her and what had happened surrounding his birth. Mary undoubtedly anticipated great things from Jesus. When she came to Jesus hoping he could intervene he told her to be patience, “it’s not my time yet.”

Waiting is not an easy activity. Waiting, however, is a necessary part of life. If you have had the opportunity to watch a young child grow, you know it take months and year for them to fully mature. So it is with us. Along the way, Christ cultivates our hearts and lives to be like his.

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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