Christ Is the Ultimate Mediator

April 22nd, 2018

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Hebrews 9:1-15

Most often mediators stand in the middle of conflict. This is not in order to keep the conflicting sides apart, but to reconcile and bring them together.

No greater separation exists in this world than between the holy Creator and His fallen creation. While the sacrificial system established by God for Israel was able to keep the Creator and His creation in covenant relationship, the work of the high priest could do nothing to permanently remove the animosity that separated Creator and creation. The high priest was helpless to find a solution that would ultimately reconcile and bring the two sides together.

“But when Christ came as a high priest,” everything changed. Christ did not just come with a solution to the conflict that existed between God and humanity. Christ was the solution, standing between God and humanity, removing the animosity that separated us, in order to reconcile and bring Creator and creation together, once and for all time.

Author: Grant Christy


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