Peacemaking Brings Glory To God

April 20th, 2018

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1 Samuel 25:28-35

Whether we realize it or not, conflict costs us dearly. Whatever it is—money, time, relationships, our emotional well being, or future opportunities—conflict will always cost us something. As such, there are very practical benefits when we choose to engage in peacemaking. Simply put, peacemaking saves valuable resources—material, social, and personal—that otherwise would be consumed by conflict.

But our motivation to engage in peacemaking is not just practical. We engage in peacemaking because it brings glory to God. Every time we take a step toward the other, we are acting as agents of reconciliation. No matter how big or small, every time we serve as peacemakers, we are enacting God’s desire for all of creation; that is, to be reconciled to God and one another.

May we always be ready to speak a word of peace so that the cycle of conflict, which seems to be all around us, will be broken. May we always be ready to take a step toward the other, as a reminder that God first took a step toward us. Thanks be to God.

Author: Grant Christy


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