With Fear And Trembling

March 31st, 2018

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John 20:19-31

“Peace be with you.” The Disciples are huddled together, scared and uncertain of what may happen next. Mary had been to the tomb and was certain that Jesus was alive. Mary and the other women were so certain of His resurrection. They probably had told the story of their encounter with the angels and Jesus dozens of times. Despite the calm joy, and change that had come over the women, the majority of the disciples were afraid.

Into this setting of fear, uncertainty, sorrow, and just a little bit of hope, Jesus suddenly appears. The Prince of Peace speaks, not as when He spoke in power and authority to the storm, not with the dominion He used when He told demons to be quiet. Jesus speaks peace to calm the fear of being alone and lost, or comfort one who is wracked by debilitating illness. Jesus the Word-made-flesh, speaks peace and all fear, uncertainty, sorrow, and guilt are gone. All that remains is peace in Christ.

Author: Sean Carr


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