Good Grief

March 29th, 2018

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John 11:28-37

Sometimes we rush right past sections of Scripture without really considering the meaning of the text. Jesus is recorded in other places as being indignant, angry, filled with compassion, but here He weeps. The text says he was “deeply moved in spirit and troubled” (v. 33).

This kind of grief touches the deepest part of a person. It is expressed when a husband losses his wife or a wife her husband. This is experienced when life-altering change breaks your world. Many of those who were at the tomb with Martha and Mary were not personally impacted by the death of Lazarus. Some may have even been professional mourners who did it all as a well-intentioned, but impersonal service. When confronted with the genuine, spirit groaning grief of Jesus, they knew He was not putting on a show. “See how He loved him!” they said (v. 36).

Jesus knew what was to come. He knew the Father’s plan in the death of Lazarus was to show Jesus as having authority over death and the grave. Jesus was still moved by the moment.

Author: Sean Carr


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