Living With Integrity

March 9th, 2018

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Proverbs 10:1-12

A news story was released to a community that stunned them all. A well-liked person had just been accused of unthinkable crimes. People were stunned. How could this person have done what they were accused? For many, the charges seemed so out of character that they could not believe that it was possible.

As evidence was released, the truth was revealed. There was guilt. The charges were true; the crime had been committed. While the individual had been able to fool some in covering up his crimes, he had not fooled everyone. Eventually it caught up with him. Justice for the victims was found.

Living a lie is not living, it is hiding from the truth that will eventually be discovered. We cannot expect dishonesty to go unnoticed and unpunished forever. Sometimes it takes time for the truth to be revealed, but it does come.

Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of a life built on the solid foundation of Christ. They are not characteristics that can be feigned and manufactured, but come from a life that seeks to do the will of God and to live that holiness out daily.

Author: Karolyn Parsons


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