Second Chances

January 18th, 2018

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Jonah 2:8—3:10

I’m grateful for the story of Jonah. I am encouraged to know that God can still use someone who runs the other way in fear and disobedience. If God can use Jonah, then just maybe God can use me! Certainly, we are challenged by the example of the disciples, who immediately left their nets and followed Jesus. This is the pattern of obedience that we ought to follow. Yet, it seems much more common that God has to come to us a second time like He did for Jonah.

Scripture is seasoned with examples of the different ways we fail to follow God’s call. Sometimes, like Jonah, we run as far away as possible. Other times we make excuses like Moses. Or, like the boy Samuel, we are simply slow to hear and understand God’s voice. The good news is that God comes to us a second time. God is patient and persistent, and continues to invite us to participate in the mission. All the same, we should not take God’s patience for granted, but should practice quick and complete obedience.

Author: Jonathan Twitchell


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