Repentance Brings Humility

January 9th, 2018

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Isaiah 6:1-13

How we view God determines our reaction to Him. If He is seen as merely a friend, we fail to honor Him. If He is viewed only as a miracle-worker, we respond with an indefinite wish list. If we see Him as a dictator, we tend to run from Him.

But when the Holy Spirit helps us see Him in His perfection and His holiness, we automatically realize our own wickedness. This brings us to confession. We are moved to pray, “Oh, Father! I’m not worthy of You. You’re perfect, and I’m so flawed. Will You forgive me? Will You help me become more like You?”
One who is proud can’t pray this prayer. But if we confess (admit our sin and seek His forgiveness), the Holy Spirit gently moves us to repentance (walking away from a sinful lifestyle). And this repentance brings true humility. The prideful person doesn’t understand this humility, because he/she isn’t willing to admit his/her need.

In Isaiah 6, the prophet recognized his sin and refused to let pride stand in the way of intimacy with God. He repented in humility.

Author: Susie Shellenberger


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