Fellowship with Others

September 30th, 2017

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Proverbs 27:1-10

As a born extrovert, I always want to be first to arrive and last to leave any event. However, I married an introvert who is the exact opposite. Over the years, we have learned to compromise.

Being around people energizes me because that’s the way God designed me. We were created for fellowship–first with him and then with each other. Even introverts have an innate need for fellowship from time to time! This is where we meet our friends and can be open and honest. We can ask for and receive wise counsel, and we can rejoice in good times or grieve in sad times with one another.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whose life ended in the loneliness of solitary confinement, said, “The physical presence of other Christians is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believer.” Enjoy our times with other believers–we were created for sweet fellowship.

Author: Ian Robinson


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