God Is Patient

September 8th, 2017

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Luke 15:21-32

Many years ago, I learned a lesson the hard way. Looking back, it wasn’t a whole lot of money, but for a college student, it was hard-earned money that had been lent out with a promise of return. It never did come back. Eventually, I had to write that off as one of life’s lessons.

In the parable of the lost son, the father waited and waited for his son. He never gave up on him. When the day finally came when they were reunited, it was a day of celebration. For us, after we wait a certain period of time, we might be tempted to write something or someone off. How wonderful it is that God doesn’t write any of us off. He is patient. He calls to us and He waits for us to respond.

Perhaps you are hearing the voice of God calling you back to Him. The enemy might say that you’ve blown it, that God won’t want anything to do with you. That is a lie. God is there; He is waiting, and as long as you have breath, He will never write you off.

Author: Norayr Hajian

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