Is Your Conscience Clear?

May 22nd, 2017

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Acts 25:1-12

The apostle Paul faced great opposition because of his obedience to God in preaching the good news of Jesus Christ. His conscience was clear before God and people in the way he lived out his faith.

Is our conscience clear in the way we live out our faith? Conscience is that inner voice that determines whether we are being true to the standards we hold. As Christians, we are called to the high standard of living in a way that honors God in all aspects. Our conscience, as Christlike disciples, must be true to God in all we do.

Paul’s declaration of defense in Acts 25 was a life lived in God’s truth. He had not violated the good aspects of the Jewish law, the sacredness of the temple, nor the good laws of government. His conscience was clear in loving his enemies as Jesus had taught.

We, too, will face opposition, and yet our charge is the same as that of Paul: Keep our conscience clear and true before God and stand firm for Christ.

Author: Paul Martinez


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