Who Did It?

May 4th, 2017

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Psalm 32:1-11

“Whodunit?” is the underlying question of every good mystery. However, one very popular television series turned that familiar storyline completely around. Instead of the viewers waiting until the end to find out who did it, each episode of Columbo began by allowing the viewers to see the crime take place. For the remainder of the movie, the viewers watch the bumbling but brilliant Lieutenant Columbo work to figure out “whodunit.”

While sin may remain hidden for a time from human eyes, God already knows who did it. The action required on our part is not so much about “letting God know,” but rather about confessing our sin and accepting the atonement Jesus made possible when He gave His life for us.

Confession carries with it the idea of taking responsibility for an offense. Actual sins, such as stealing office supplies from work and then lying about it when confronted, are deeply rooted in the fertile ground of humanity’s original sin: pride. Living guilt-ridden is a waste of energy. Humbly own and confess any and all sin today.

Author: John Trotter

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